About Us

Why Perspective Smart Glasses?

We believe everyone's Perspective is unique and worth capturing to share with your friends, family, and followers! We at Perspective Smart Glasses are all passionate about traveling and active hobbies. We believe in providing the opportunity to capture special moments without the need to take out our phones or carry expensive cameras around with us at all times; all at an affordable price!

Similarly, we also appreciate maintaining our Perspective, fully aware of our surroundings while also still listening to music or talking on the phone, hands-free. We are certainly tired of all the cables in our lives, but we wanted to provide a product that would be a bit harder to lose.

Mainly, we are excited to build a community with our products that strengthens our human bonds by capturing and sharing unique moments. "Wish you were there" is a thing of the past!

Share with us your Perspective on social media, we want to learn about YOUR story! #myperspective