What is our vision?

We believe anyone should have the ability to be in the moment, connecting and sharing with others without phones or headphones.

About us
  • Recording your Perspective

    Record accomplishments, passions, and hobbies through your perspective while still being

    in the moment!

  • Recording Hands Free

    It is hard being in the moment if you end up holding and staring at your camera screen while recording!

  • Recording Hassle Free

    Sunglasses and HD camera, All-in-ONE! Break away from expensive and bulky equipment. Put on your smart glasses and with a single click start recording.

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What is our mission?

We strive to provide our customers with the best products and customer support so that they can create new memories with a confident Perspective.

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  • Soundtrack your Perspective

    With the Bluetooth Audio Smart Glasses, live in the moment with your own soundtrack!

  • Free your ears to the World

    Break free from earphones or headphones. Open your ears to the world while still enjoying the soundtrack to your life!

  • Just a touch away

    Answer a call, start a song, skip to the next, all just a touch away! Sunglasses and Bluetooth speakers, All-in-ONE!

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